1.   Put yourself on electoral roll (possibly one of the most important criteria for lenders)
2.   Stability – lenders like to see you have been in same job/occupation and home address for some time
3.   Applications – don’t make too many applications to other lenders – this will harm your credit score
4.   On time – not only pay credit commitments but you must pay on time
5.   Agreements – if you make an agreement with a creditor to pay over a longer time or reduced rate
6.   Limits – do not spend right up to your credit card/overdraft limit
7.   Links – avoid links with third parties, by utilities/bank accounts as they may affect your score
8.   Repay – repaying a loan early will help
9.   Utilities – credit agencies may link to utilities to obtain a credit profile
10. Don’t keep re-applying if you have been turned down