If you are affected by a critical illness, critical illness cover is a policy that pays you and your family a single, large amount.  This payment can help to pay some or all of your usual household bills and to help the family maintain their lifestyle.  People often fail to notice the various expenses which occur when diagnosed with a critical illness.  For example, the costs incurred for having to customise your home to allow you to live comfortably with your critical illness.  Also, the payment can be used to pay for any expense, which might arise from your condition, which may not be covered by the NHS.

Critical Illness Cover – What is it?

The critical illnesses covered by your policy will differ, so you will need to read your policy thoroughly.  Critical illness cover used to only protect you against the top five major illnesses at the time.  Nowadays, critical illness policies tend to have a much larger list of covered illnesses.  Just ensure that you read the policy first to see which illnesses are covered and if the cover is right for you.

Let us explain what critical illness is

A critical illness is not the only thing that can cause immediate and severe money problems.  A sudden death can also do this.  It is possible and prudent to take out life insurance as well and combine it with your critical illness cover.  This helps to ensure that you are fully protected.

Many believe that critical illness cover only applies people who are in outstanding health.  Today insurance providers are more aware of the nature of modern living and the likelihood of being diagnosed as having some form of existing and recurring condition.  Because of this, critical illness policies will now cover people who have pre-existing conditions.  However, the policy might have certain specific conditions included.

Insure Yourself Against Critical Illness

Insurers might require you to present some objective medical evidence to support any claims against the critical illness policy.  Some policy providers might require you to undertake a medical examination before having the policy issued.  This is worth the effort if it allows you to have a policy that gives you peace of mind that should you be diagnosed with a critical illness you are protected from the potential devastating financial effects.

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