Life is surprising.  Unfortunately some revelations are more welcome than others.  During emotional and tough times, financial worries can simply escalate the challenges facing you and your family.

Traditionally, we have our buildings and contents insurance with our mortgage lenders, which may be uncompetitive in a very competitive marketplace.  It may also be the case that a property may be underinsured, due to decoration, extension or the increase in house prices.

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In addition to home insurance, we can also provide access to cover for accident, sickness and unemployment.  With a bit of forward planning and the right protection products on your side, some peace of mind can be restored leaving you to focus on what’s really important

It enables you to minimise the effects of unexpected and often unwelcome future events, and helps you to organise your personal and business life with greater confidence.

Director Share Protection

A type of life insurance protection, Director Share Protection ensures that in the event of a Director or Partner developing a critical illness or passing away, the remaining shareholders are given not only the legal right to buy the shares, but also have the financial means to do so, due to the life insurance – allowing the business to continue running smoothly.

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Family & Personal Income

Family Income benefit (FIB) is a type of insurance which protects a level of income for a fixed term, beneficiaries are provided with regular, fixed tax-free payments, unlike traditional policies which typically pay out a lump sum.

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Family Protection

Family protection insurance provides assurance that in the event of the unexpected – a critical illness or death, your family will be able to cope financially.

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Household Insurance

Household Insurance is a blanket term used to describe two separate types of insurance, Contents Insurance and Home Insurance. Home Insurance refers to the structure of the building, it may be extended to cover any sheds, garages etc. Contents Insurance covers almost everything in your home, from furniture to electronic devises, clothing, valuables and more.

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Income Protection

A type of insurance policy designed to provide a tax-free regular income, if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. With many different types of policy available, it is important to choose the most appropriate one to suit your circumstances.

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Life & Critical Illness

Life Assurance and Critical Illness describe two separate products – Life Assurance pays out a lump sum or a series of payment in the event of death during a pre-arranged term. Critical Illness insurance pays out a lump sum for those diagnosed with a specified critical illness, following a specified survival period. This provides financial reassurance for those unable to work due to the illness or treatment.

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Relevant Life Insurance

An insurance policy available which enables employers to provide death-in-service, or critical illness cover to their employees on an individual basis. Different policies may vary, some may only offer life cover whereas others may include specified critical illness.

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