Our mortgage advisers in Shrewsbury recently had an enquiry from a client who telephoned our office and asked if we could calculate the cheapest mortgage on the market for her mortgage requirement of £121k.

Would You Like to Save £35,000 on Your Mortgage?

We asked her this client how they defined that, as we have a number of ways we can calculate this namely:

  • Lowest Initial monthly payments
  • Lowest SVR (standard variable rate) monthly payment
  • Lowest costs over a specified term
  • Lowest set up costs
  • Lowest amount payable to redeem the mortgage
  • Lowest total cost over the term of the mortgage

Unlike most people who look at the first option, this particular client asked us to research on the last option.

Great Savings on Your Mortgage!

Although the rate we found her was not cheaper than the one they had been quoted by her bank they were amazed to see there was a saving of £35,000 over the term of the mortgage.

There are many ways of comparing mortgage products and therefore all the more reason to seek quality advice.

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