Mortgage Advisers can help you save money

If you are looking for a Buy to Let mortgage please contact AFP Partnership, mortgage advisers located in Shrewsbury, as we can help with:

* No age limits ( most lenders only allow borrowers up to age 75)
* 125% Interest coverage calculated at pay rate of 3.99% ( most lenders insist on rental needs to be 125% of mortgage payments at 5%)
* Low fees – £199 ( many lenders charge £995 added to loan typically.)
* No completion Fees
* 10% overpayments allowed ( many do not allow overpayments)
* First time landlords ( most lenders will insist you have an existing mortgage)
* First time buyers considered – Please ring for more information

Excellent Buy to Let Mortgage Rates

Looking for help and advice on Buy to Let mortages, call Shrewsbury 01743 01743 364377
Leek United Building Society 2 Year Discount – Pay Rate 3.99%
(1.2% off SVR for 2 years)

* Houses only – no flats or apartments
* No student lets, DWP tenants or houses in multiple occupation
* Maximum portfolio – 20 properties
* No bridging!

Our mortgage advisers, who are located in Shrewsbury, can help you find the right Buy to Let mortgage, contact 01743 364377 or email us for further details.