AFP Shrewsbury - Shrewsbury Ark

AFP Shrewsbury mortgage brokers support The Ark Charity

On the 15th of December, the Shrewsbury Ark are hosting a Christmas dinner for all the homeless on the streets of Shrewsbury.

AFP Shrewsbury gives back this Christmas by supporting homeless people. Giving Christmas crackers, complimentary soft drinks, and additional equipment for those on the streets this winter, offering some positivity to those struggling during the long dark winter nights.

No one should be homeless or alone any Christmas. Opening its doors completely free to people on the streets since 1972, the Shrewsbury Ark provides an ongoing service and support for the homeless and vulnerable by offering a warm welcome to anyone that feels they need support.

With all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes from all the support workers, it felt right to support the Ark Charity this Christmas.

Gary Harper from AFP Shrewsbury stated ‘The Shrewsbury Ark gives pure human kindness and support to people on the streets of Shrewsbury, we aim to give back and make a small bit of difference to a great charity’.

Everyone should have somewhere safe to live. AFP Shrewsbury looks to support locally and make a small difference to the Ark charity this Christmas. To donate to the Shrewsbury ARK: