Mr & Mrs C are living in Qatar and have accommodation provided by their company. They wanted a buy to let mortgage to purchase a property as a buy to let for the next 10 yrs, as partly an investment, partly a future home after retirement.

Buy to Let Mortgage

They came to me as a referral realizing most lenders did not offer buy to let mortgages to workers abroad, and so required specialist advice. This client had a reasonable deposit (30%) and income to support their application.

They managed to provide all details required for the application which was completed on their behalf and posted for checking and signing.

They were impressed with the low buy to let mortgage rate they got and hence will be making quite a profit from their investment property once let. They bought a property Edinburgh in a desirable residential area for £400k.

Now they have their flat they are very pleased to have a base to return to in years to come and a nice little income to boot in the mean time.

Are You Considering a Buy to Let Mortgage?

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