Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

mortgage payment protection insuranceAFP Shrewsbury offer honest, expert advice when it comes to mortgage payment protection insurance. In the event of the death of one or other breadwinner in the family, that family can face the real possibility of losing the family home just when stability is most needed.

State benefits will help for some, but cannot begin to fill the gap for most. Mortgage payment protection insurance generally covers the minimum mortgage payment for up to 12 months or until the person has recovered from the incident, whichever happens first.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance is about ensuring that in such an event, the mortgage is repaid. This allows the family to get on with their lives without the worry of finding the mortgage repayment each month, or the need to move house.

Who needs Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance?

  • If you do not have savings in place to cover mortgage payments and living expenses for several months.
  • If the company you work for is suffering and you’re concerned about the loss of your job, you should consider some kind of insurance protection.
  • If you have a single source of income and you have dependents.

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